Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Davy Jones' Liquor Locker

Brief California update:
Apparently there was an earthquake the first night I was here.  I was too whiskey drunk to notice.
Shame on me.

Venice beach is grrrreat people watching.  I saw a man jump off a chair onto crushed 40oz bottles!  Sick.  "Here comes the blood here comes the blood."

Riding bikes to the ocean and then swimming in it might be the closest I'll ever get to heaven.
(If only it wasn't so salty)

High school reunions are pretty cool.

I can feel the physical distance. Fuck that noise.

Two words: YOGURT LAND.
I want two.

Sunburn! Jet lag! Wavy salt hair!

BIG big interview with Ministry of Education tonight.  Nervous town. Wish me luck.  

Stay real people. <3

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