Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are you out of your vulcan mind?

One of my babies accidentally and irreparably broke my glasses yesterday. I cried. I tried really hard not to, but when said baby then flung his food off the table I sort of lost it. I sat in the bathroom and had myself a good cry.

I was upset because too damn much is changing in my life. My glasses were my security blanket and now I don't even have that! I lose everything, but I had those glasses for almost four years. They became part of my face. It really is an end of an era in my life, and I'm stubborn to except that.

I'm okay now, save for a headache. I've been meaning to get new glasses for like six months so it's really not that big of a deal, but you know change is a bit easier when you can control it. I feel as though there isn't too much I have control of these days.

So now I'll just go about feeling naked and squinting until I get back from the west coast.

RIP red glasses, you were good to me. Let's hope I can find some specs half as sweet.


CrystalCabinet said...

RIP red glasses. I liked them too...

I like contacts cus you can't really get too emotionally attached to them.

Change is tough. Gotta make it work for you.

The Last Unicorn said...

Ha ha. I am seriously considering contacts, but I am far too lazy to not give myself an eye infection!

And thank you for that kernel. Whoah doggy am I trying!

I hope everything is still going awesome for you. It seems like it and that makes me super happy. <3