Monday, February 23, 2009

Dreamt of a Fever

I've been meaning to post something everyday for the past week. My head has been filled with all kinds of knives. Winter is dragging itself out like an eternal snow, and I swear come homelessness this is the last Midwestern winter that I will bear for the next five years of my life. I wasn't engineered in such an absurd way. I will never love snow so long as it touches the ground.

I'm itchy, restless, pale, and tired.

Slightly more interesting:
I missed the Oscars. I dig the Oscars. They are one of the only live things left on television and that usually proves to be at the very least amusing. But mostly, I rrreallly love movies. Did you know this about me? I do, so much. I also like to see all the people made up all classy like. I hope I have a chance once in my life to get all gussied up like that! Anyway long story short, Slumdog Millionaire took the cake and I couldn't be happier. It's a great movie, good story, full of (now famous) unknowns, and it showcases India one of my favorite countries to dream about/accents to hear. But of course I never pay attention to time so I missed the ceremony, oh well there's always next year.

Much more interesting:
Chicago Freedom to Marry Actions. Everyone is all pissed about California, but what about the other 51 states? Kudos to the sit in at the Cook County Department of Vital Records that place doesn't look like it should have anything to do with love and marriage! Second class citizenship sucks and it's unacceptable. Come over I will make you a marriage license and it will be waaay better than anything the Vital Records dept. could stamp out!

ASIDE: Beautiful monuments stand for beautiful ideas, but they're just ideas. Paraphrased, I just heard that on t.v. and that is why I love Anthony Bourdain. DC Mothafuckas!

On a sad note: I stubbornly upgraded my iTunes and now it doesn't work at all! Of course it has to stop working when I just acquired a great deal of music that needs to soothe my wintersad ears.

Finally: I've carved out a spot for your head in my lap. I will stroke your hair and muff my fears. I promise not to fart. I can't promise that, but I promise to always have a lap for your head to rest on when it gets too heavy.

Who can help me with iTunes, because it is not Apple. :(

For the finale? A passage from a book that I just finished. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah. It is heart achy and eye opening.

"The street that a minute before had been filled with banners and noise was now a silent graveyard full of restless souls fighting to reconcile their sudden deaths."

One of the better blocks of text I've read in a long time.


Grad School Reject said...

You should check out (if you haven't already) White Tiger, the most recent Mann-Booker prize winner. I read it right before going to see 'Slumdog,' and the two complemented each other very well.

I doubt I could help you with the iTunes (I suck at all things technology), but if you want to send me a message with a quick description of the problem I can check in.

The Last Unicorn said...

Oh thank you sir, always appreciative of the music/book recs!

I finally fixed that little big problem and it turned out (after MUCH toiling) of course, a Vista issue!

Anywho, getting in shape ... we'll talk soon ha ha.