Monday, February 02, 2009

At a Distance

I'm reading three books right now that I really dig. How often does that happen? I neglected books and music and that makes me dishonest with myself and sort of a jerk. Ha ha, at least I've acknowledged this fact.

I'm pining for springs and things that are abstract and distant. All I want is a little warmth and sun.

I have a precious lot of vintage dresses that I intend to offer up in a clothing swap. If you know me, you know how much these mean to me. Fact stated, I'm trying to figure out what that means to me. Maybe I just need new old dresses.

It's so hard to be spontaneous in winter. Everything is harder in the winter. How does one go about revolting the winter (besides going south). Who says we weren't meant to hibernate? Wake up honey, it's spring, did you sleep well? Let's go forage and frolic in the water!

Okay I'm getting tired.
Four things to get excited about this week: 1. Using the pottery wheel (for the first time ever) in ceramics class. 2. Surprise visitor from Turkey! 3. Seeing my sister act in a play as a zombie (how cool is that?) 4. TITUS ANDRONICUS show at Logan Square auditorium!!


stephan!e lee said...

hello! of course i remember you, though i won't give away yr secret identity by revealing it here... ;-)

thanks for the comment. i really enjoy yr writing here and on 10 Words as well. y're a gifted writer, i'm so envious.

enjoy the visitor from Turkey! hope we get to see each other again.


The Last Unicorn said...

Oh gosh thanks, if I was half as articulate as you, man I'd apply for poet laureate!

Also, from reading your blog we have so much music in common, how did we not talk about music in Chicago?

Anyway, I will enjoy, I'm sure you will enjoy your visit x's 1,000! Long distance is the pits!

Come and hang in Chicago anytime!