Monday, October 20, 2008

Mutual Aid is much better than Lemon Ade

American Revolution II (free documentary)
"You are paying taxes for the cops to come and whoop your ass." - Bobby Lee

This is an interesting documentary about how a true 'Rainbow Coalition*' on the basis of opposition to poverty and police brutality in the tumultuous 1960's worked together to try and take back their communities.

In 1969 Mayor Daley tried to stop the release of this film he used his influence with the Screen Projectionists Union to make sure that no theater would screen it. It took Hugh Hefner’s money to finally show it. When it finally did Roger Ebert gave it four stars.

Did I mention you can watch it for free? Did I mention I really think that the Black Panthers were the coolest activist group that ever hit the United States? The Free Breakfast for School Children program in itself was awesome, not to mention its countless other social programs! Oh yeah, they fed and took care of anyone that needed it, not just blacks. Who wants to revive the Panthers with me?

* Before Jesse Jackson took the name for his own campaigns, The Rainbow Coalition was truly a group made up of all different colors.

Black Panthers (African Americans)
Young Patriots (poor southern whites living in and around Chicago)
Young Lords (Puerto Ricans living in the United States)
Brown Berets (Mexican Americans)

What would happen if Palin became president? Find out here! (hilarious)


scott southard. said...

One of the olympic dudes that did the powerfist during the national anthem just got his medal back. Sweet deal

The Last Unicorn said...

You are cute.